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February 18, 2023 - During a roundtable discussion, hosted bt the George P. Hanley Democracy Center, experts dissected Latin America’s governments by looking at the issues that forge a democracy. (Read More)

February 15, 2023 - Newly transplanted University of Miami political scientist Matthew Nelsen fosters advocacy and civic engagement through pedagogical practices and research that views local-level institutions as the microcosms of democracy. (Read More)

December 4, 2022With a hefty voter turnout from youth in this past midterm election, Matthew Nelsen, a faculty member in the Department of Political Science, and some students look into what factors play a role in persuading young people to go to the polls. (Read More)

August 31, 2022While Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who died Tuesday at 91, may be principally remembered as a courageous reformer in the West, some Russian people will view the former Soviet leader far less respectfully, according to lecturer and Soviet expert Marcia Beck. (Read More)

April 10, 2017 - Dr. Louise K. Davidson-Schmich wrote and posted about women’s representation in congress compared to other legislatures around the world (Read More)

April 2, 2017 - Dr. Greg Koger wrote and posted about Jeanette Rankin, the first woman elected to congress.  (Read More)

May 5, 2016 - Dr. Louise K. Davidson-Schmich travelled to the Australian National University’s School of Politics and International Relations to give a talk entitled “Female Prime Ministers and the Substantive Representation of Women.” 

October 3 - New Lecturer Rayna Stoycheva and Professor Kim Moloney presented their co-authored paper at the Annual Conference of the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management (ABFM) in Washington DC. 

October 1-3, 2015 - Professor Moloney presented two papers at the regional IRPSM conference in Kingston Jamaica. Both papers arise from her British Academy grant (2013-2016) and both are co-authored with her British Academy partners: Lindsay Stirton (Sussex) and Martin Lodge (LSE).

S‌eptember 25, 2015 - Professor Gonzalez has two photographs displayed at The Arts Council of Martin County art galley in Stuart, FL. (Read More)

September 3, 2015 - Professor Dreyer was cited in the article "China marks Japan WWII defeat, shows rising power in parade" (Read More)

September, 2015 - Professor Kanet and Matthew Sussex published their book Power, Politics, and Confrontation in Eurasia: Foreign Policy in a Contested Region, which includes three co-authored sections by Professor Kanet.  

September, 2015 - Professor Gonzalez has released his book The Politics of Star Trek: Justice, War, and the Future.  (Read more)

September, 2015 - Professor Skendaj served as a faculty mentor for Horizons, a pre-orientation program for multicultural students entering the University of Miami.

August 27-29, 2015 - Professor Blofield participated in the inaugural conference of the International Panel on Social Progress, held in Istanbul. Modeled after the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, it is an international, multi-disciplinary initiative, involving over 200 prominent scholars, to produce a report on the key social challenges of the 21st century. (Read More)

August 27, 2015 - Professor Pischedda wrote "A provocative article says the Islamic State is mystery. Here's why that's wrong" for the Washington Post's Monkey Cage. (Read more)

June 30, 2015 - Professor Davidson-Schmich receives Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to New Zealand.
(Read more)

May 14, 2015 - Professor Uscinski and his research was featured by Bloomberg.  (Read more)

May 6, 2015 - Professor Uscinski in the Houston Chronicle. (Read more)

April 29, 2015 - Dr. Simon and Dr. Uscinski on the News. (Read more)

April 28, 2015 - Professor Davidson-Schmich received the Fulbright grant to New Zealand has been written up.  (Read more)

April 27, 2015 - Professor Uscinski interviewed about Professors Uscinski and Parent’s book on the New Books in Political Science Network. (Read more)

April 23, 2015 - Professor Uscinski in the New York Times.  (Read more)

April 17, 2015 - Professor Uscinski writes Forward to top-selling fiction collection on conspiracy theories. (Read more)

March 18, 2015 - Professor Davidson-Schmich was interviewed as an alumna of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s German Chancellor Fellowship. (Read more)

March 12, 2015 - Professor Davidson-Schmich was interviewed by Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper about gender quotas for women on corporate boards in Germany. (Read more)

Januanry 26, 2015 - Professor Davidson-Schmich published a blog entry on the International Association for the Study of German Politics Blog. (Read more)

January 24, 2015 - Professor Mark Mansfield passed away on Wednesday, January 21, 2015.  He was a humble, kind, an all-around wonderful human being.  He enjoyed teaching and working with the students here at University of Miami.  It is a great loss for all of us. (Read more)

December 12, 2014 - Professor Davidson-Schmich hosted an event on campus in December was also written up by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

December 9, 2014 - Professor Gomez-Mera: How to attract billions to fund Africa’s energy sector. Guardian.(Read more)

Summer 2014 - Professor Davidson-Schmich published an article in German Politics and Society entitled “Closing the Gap: Gender and Constituency Candidate Nomination in the 2013 Bundestag Election”. (Read)

September 11, 2014 - Professors Uscinski and Parent will discuss their book American Conspiracy Theories.  Books & Books, Coral Gables, 8pm.  The event will be webcast live at (Watch video )

August 21, 2014 - Professor Uscinski and Parent authored a post about conspiracy theories in the Washington Post.  Uscinski and Parent were subsequently discussed in the Washington Post, Bloomberg, and the New York Times by Paul Krugman.

August 28, 2014 - Professor Uscinski appeared on NewsMaxTV to discuss his conspiracy theory research.

July 27, 2014 - Professor Uscinski was asked about the changing trends of public opinion on marijuana legalization. He provides a look at the factors at play in this evolving issue. (View story and listen to clip)

July 8, 2014 - Professor Dreyer was interviewed on the subject of Ramadan fasting bans put in place in China.  She provides insight into the political factors making this an especially salient issue for Uigher Muslims this year. (View story)

June 2, 2014 - Professor Klofstad's research on vocal fry has been featured on several national news outlets, including CBS NewsThe Huffington PostThe Washington PostNew York Magazine, and Fox Business. The articles explain the possible negative perception against women who use creaky, low-pitched voices in the professional job marketplace. Vocal fry has become more popular among young adults emulating entertainment icons.

 ‌‌May 21, 2014 - Professors Parent and Uscinski traveled to the University of Cambridge to present a public talk about their conspiracy theory research. Using data from over 100 years of New York Times letters to the editor, Professors Parent and Uscinski provide insight into the causes and pervasiveness of conspiracy theorizing among the public. (Watch video)

May 7, 2014 - Professor Uscinski was interviewed by the New York Times regarding climate change as a political issue in South Florida. He provided insight on notable Florida Republicans and their position on climate change. (View story)

‌November 21, 2013 - Professor Koger was interviewed by the Washington Post regarding the Senate's use of the nuclear option to avoid filibusters on certain presidential nominees. The interview was published in full, and includes insight based on his book on filibusters into ‌the Senate's procedures. (View story


 ‌September 19, 2013 - Professor Blofield has won the Whaley Book Prize for her recently released Care, Work and Class. Her book explores labor rights patterns in Latin America for female workers, and details how democratic processes have been used to improve their conditions. (Read more information)