Undergraduate Programs in Political Science

Dear Students, 

Prof. Casey KlofstadOn behalf of the faculty and staff of the Department of Political Science (POL), thank you for your interest in our majors and minors! You will be joining over 350 other undergraduate students studying the same fields. POL students come to us from across the University, including the College of Arts and Science, the School of Business Administration, School of Communication, and the School of Education.

As Department Chair, my personal interest is in your successful completion of an intellectually stimulating course of study that will prepare you for wherever your future path may lead. To assist you we have compiled this online Student Handbook. We ask that you familiarize yourself with the material posted here to become better acquainted with your major/minor, the faculty, our courses, and special opportunities that are available to you. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (c.klofstad@miami.edu).

We welcome you to the department and look forward to working with you!


Casey Klofstad
Professor and Chair